ChromaMagic Pro - New Features Demo 1

Speaker(s): Michele Clamp


Included lessons: 1
Level։ beginner

About live session

Come and see the fabulous new features in ChromaMagic Pro!   There are five new display modes to help with  your color and value perception.    New modes are :

  •  Value mode.   Reduce your reference to a limited number of values
  • Chroma mode.   Show how the chroma varies in your reference photo.
  • Wheel mode.  How are all your colors in your reference arranged on a color wheel
  • Grayscale mode.   Reduce your photo to grayscale values.   Handy for value studies.
  • Alternative mode.   The Munsell chip not quite right?   Show all alternative chips.

I will demo the original tool as well as the new features.   All attendees will get a 50% discount coupon  for the Pro version.

What you'll learn

You'll learn about the five new display modes in ChromaMagic Pro.   I will demo each mode using a variety of reference photos and show you how I use each mode to inform my painting choices. 

Included lessons


Michele Clamp